Re: Errata in CSS3 selectors

* Ian Hickson wrote:
>On Fri, 25 May 2001, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
>>   CSS Level 2 says in section 5.10
>>   [...]
>>   Conforming HTML user agents may ignore all rules with :first-line or
>>   :first-letter in the selector, or, alternatively, may only support a
>>   subset of the properties on these pseudo-elements.
>>   [...]
>>   This statement could not be found in the W3C selectors draft, it
>>   should be added in section 13 or someone has to tell me, why
>>   user agents must fully implement these pseudo elements now
>Because we now have the notion of profiles. A full implementation of the
>W3C Selectors Specification would implement these pseudo-elements fully.

Then I may be misunderstanding section 12. There are profile
definitions, but they are 'Non normative examples' [sic!]. What's the
purpose of these profiles? What will a conforming user-agent be? Section
13 only says, device-limitations don't imply non-conformance so I
suppose a conforming user agent must implement all selectors applicable
for a distinct device. Maybe I need some education on this...
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