Re: "New" CSS3 Introduction Released

On Wed, 23 May 2001, Jeffrey Yasskin wrote:

> A "new" working draft of the CSS3 introduction was released today. The word
> "new" is in quotes because I can find very few changes in the draft.
> In the Abstract and the Why Modules sections, the word "spcification" was
> changed to "specification." In the table describing the modules, 17 May 2001
> was added as a Working Draft date for Text and Media queries. In 3.11 the
> "Text/bidi/vertical alignment" module was changed to "Text" module, but not
> in the module table, and an "International layout" link was added. And
> "Multi-column" became "Multicolumn."
> Why did this necessitate a new release of the working draft? These are
> errata items, not the result of almost two months of work.

I agree that the word "new" may be put in quotes. Indeed, I didn't even
announce the new draft. As you noticed, the changes are minor. The only
reason the working group put out a new draft was to update the pointers to
the two other new drafts that were released last week. The changes you
found were the result of quickly passing a spellchecker over the text.

As you say, these might be considered "errata items," except that W3C
working drafts don't get errata, they simply get replaced.

We are still looking for the best way to keep an up to date list of the
various CSS3 modules. Ideas welcome. We have this CSS3 Introduction
draft[1], which should eventually be the introductory chapter of CSS3, and
we have the "current work" page[2]. The former is on the Technical Reports
page and thus maybe easier to find, but also harder to keep up to date
because of the requirements of that page. The latter is more informal, but
probably not as easy to find.


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