"New" CSS3 Introduction Released

A "new" working draft of the CSS3 introduction was released today. The word
"new" is in quotes because I can find very few changes in the draft.
In the Abstract and the Why Modules sections, the word "spcification" was
changed to "specification." In the table describing the modules, 17 May 2001
was added as a Working Draft date for Text and Media queries. In 3.11 the
"Text/bidi/vertical alignment" module was changed to "Text" module, but not
in the module table, and an "International layout" link was added. And
"Multi-column" became "Multicolumn."

Why did this necessitate a new release of the working draft? These are
errata items, not the result of almost two months of work.

Jeffrey Yasskin

Received on Wednesday, 23 May 2001 20:18:47 UTC