comments on "Introduction to CSS3" (23 may)


referring to:

   From the Status: "This document should be considered to be
informative, not normative" - it should be a note than or no technical
report at all.

section 2:

  some drafts are hyperlinks, some are not; this makes small sense and
should be changed.

section 3.1:

  this module isn't mentioned in the overview

section 3.3:

  "Selectors are used to select elements in an HTML or XML document" -
as far as I can tell, CSS were never bound to any particular language,
it were just 'structured documents'

section 3.9:

  according to the overview (and section 3.8), there is a 'Color / gamma
/ color profiles' module and a separate 'Background' module, the heading
states 'Colors and Backgrounds' which should be wrong then

section 3.11:

  the overview calls this module "Text / bidi / vertical alignment", the
module itself 'text'; one of these should be changed

I dont know why this section refers to an outdated draft

section 3.12:

  the overview calls this module "Font properties" rather than "Fonts"

section 3.13:

  There is an item

    * The Internationalization CSS WD 

  I'm not a native english speaker nor grammar expert, but I think there
is a missing 'of' and there is no such WD

section 3.18:

  There is no such module in the overview. How does it differ from the
"Font" or "Font Properties" module?

The following sections are not in the order of the overview.

The list items of each section make small sense to me, I don't know why
they point to CSS Level 2, point to outdated material or don't point at

section 5:

  the "member-only link" statement should be a link as it is made in
nearly all W3C documents.
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