Re: @version rule

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
>>> I sympathize with the idea of an @version statement. I would be great
>>> if I can specify "process this block only if you support all used
>>> @rules/property-value pairs/selectors/etc." since implementing just
>>> _some_ features of CSS may break documents, as shown above.
>> But then should IE6 claim to support to support 'ex'?
> If it does, yes.

It's not quite that black and white. IE6 does _something_ in response to
seeing the 'ex' unit. It treats 1ex and being equivalent to 0.5em. That
isn't a strictly correct interpretation of 1ex, though.

>> How about 'float'?
> If it supports floats they way I used it, it should claim that it
> supports it.

Ah, so now we have to ask you for each browser release if a product should
claim support for a particular feature or not? :-)

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