RE: Cellspacing in CSS1 or CSS2

> From:	Eric Meyer []
>     Try 'border-spacing' in CSS2, section 17 ("Tables"), but make sure 
> to read all of section 17.6, especially 'border-collapse', before you 
> try using it in a document.  Then prepare for browsers to not support 
> these properties.
	[DJW:]  At least one does.  The only problem is that one has to
	explicitly set it to the default (might be DOCTYPE sensitive,
	I thought I got that right++).  I'd confirm that the feature
	is already supported, although I'd also agree that it is the
	intention of CSS that you should not need to mosaic images.
	(At least two don't support it!)

	As to the other two proposals, I don't understand in what way they
	are not already implemented.  Maybe I don't understand the question.

++ The browser style sheet could override the default, of course.
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