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> Saw this message (and another about cellspacing / centering / etc.) and
> thought I'd whip up a VERY quick page.
> This page uses 4 images, text, etc. and NO TABLES (tables should be reserved
> for laying out data, not for laying out a page). CSS has the ability to
> 'kiss' (push elements together) images, divs, etc. as you can see by the
> source of the page. Now, if anyone has any questions about the code or needs
> the example expanded in scope, let me know.

Hi Marc,

Thanks for the reply. However my question was about cellspacing in tables.

The use which lay behind the question was, as it happens, for laying out data 
in a table. I take it from your reply that neither CSS1 nor CSS2 can cope 
with this.

I see no reason why a table influenced by CSS rules should fail to implement 
the control which the corresponding HTML attributes provides. It should be 
possible to display data in tables in a manner which the designer wishes.

Tony Haddon's post would seem to confirm that this functionality has indeed 
been omitted. But it would be nice to have an answer from someone on the W3C 
CSS WG about the background to this seeming omission. If you, Marc, are on 
the WG please forgive my not being aware of that.

Andrew Watt

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