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> I was trying to assist someone with a problem they had using cellspacing
> an HTML table using CSS. All the obvious things were tried to no effect.
> Then I did a search within both the CSS1 and CSS2 RECs and found no
> whatsoever of cellspacing.
> Was cellspacing overlooked in the specification? Or have I missed it in my
> search? If it was omitted what was the rationale for that?
Saw this message (and another about cellspacing / centering / etc.) and
thought I'd whip up a VERY quick page.

This page uses 4 images, text, etc. and NO TABLES (tables should be reserved
for laying out data, not for laying out a page). CSS has the ability to
'kiss' (push elements together) images, divs, etc. as you can see by the
source of the page. Now, if anyone has any questions about the code or needs
the example expanded in scope, let me know.

Hope that helps,

Marc David Johnson
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