Re: Stretchy backgrounds? (background-width,height properties)


--- Ian Hickson <> wrote:
> > - opposition to the inclusion of X11 named colors
> in the css3 color
> > spec.
> So you're saying that if you object, we should take
> it out, but if we
> object, we should leave it in because you want it?
> :-) (There are many
> reasons to have these colours, including promoting
> interoperability).

The argument as I remember it was why add something
that is considered to be an arbitrary system and with
which no one seems happy.  The fact that Dodger Blue
is one of the 140 colors says it all, in my opinion. 
Naming a color in the css spec after a baseball team
is interesting.  Does anyone know the history of these
color names?
> > - the ability to use text as a background and to
> specify how it would
> > be positioned and repeat.
> There were valid objections made to this proposal
> (namely, it was
> underspecified and nobody could see a way to improve
> it).

I don't know if this information ever made it to the
public eyes.  But these things always start out
underspecified.  I think there were some good ideas
that could have led to something.  Did the WG make the
objections or was there enough problems in public to
shelve the idea?

> > - selectors which specify elements that match the
> parent element of a
> > matched child
> This is a hard issue for the WG, there are strong
> arguments both ways.
> Believe me, we didn't ignore you. Indeed, two of the
> strongest proponents
> of this feature are on the working group.

Yes, a very difficult issue.  I know that the target
selector was removed.  This was the one suggestion I
had that did get feedback... Dan Glazman and I
discussed it a bit. 

> > - better definitions for opacity
> This is being worked on, but is not a top priority.

The main point I had a while back was that setting
opacity on the element rather than on properties of an
element seemed like a bad idea.  For example, it makes
sense to be able to set the opacity of the background
independent of the foreground color.
Thanks for the reply.

-Dylan Schiemann

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Received on Sunday, 8 July 2001 21:22:49 UTC