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Benjamin Rossen wrote:

> L.S. There is no simple way to make a hanging edge (or exdent) on the
> introduction of a paragraph, although a negative indent with margin
> shift does accomplish this. Why not introduce a exdent command in the
> next version of CSS to achieve this in one go. The exdent could be a
> property or class.I make up this class for some of my
> sites;span.exdent {text-indent: -36px; padding: 0, 0, 0, 36;
> font-size: 12px;}However, that is rather long winded, isn't it.  What
> about:
> <p exdent="10px">  </p>

Not like that. The W3C does not want more presentational attributes in
(X)HTML. More likely like:

<p style="exdent: 10px">text goes here</p>

> or in a styling sheet:
> p {exdent: 10px;}

Good idea. That would avoid long and clumsy workarounds like the one

Andrew MacKinnon

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Received on Friday, 6 July 2001 15:13:44 UTC