Re: activel inks?

I posted,

""> Another thing useful to include would be "external link" property. Maybe
> this should be included in html spec itself (i.e. "href ext" - might be a
> bit against the universal spirit of the web though), but something to deal
The logical way of doing this would be to use the existing
REL and REV attributes.  That doesn't require a change in
the HTML standard."

Of course that is correct, I should have looked at html standard more

Browsers never really picked up on these two attributes (you can put them to
what you want, so browsers need to have a common interpretation for certain
standard values, like "external", if they are to display the links
differently)? Now it is clearly the job of css to define the presentation.

There are also all the different types of url (ftp, mailto, https etc) where
it might aid navigation if css could be used to differentiate them. ""

Well on second thoughts, rel and rev are not necessarily the most efficient
way of doing it if you are looking to cut down on unnecessary html document
length. If you consider for every time you want to put in an external link
you have to put <a href="whatever" rel="external"> you might as well define
a class in css and type <a class="external" href="whatever"> . Again I think
it comes back to the balance between what is bloat in html or css spec and
what is bloat in the documents themselves. Of course the type of link even
more relevant to this discussion that would need a href of its own would be
"hrefst" for style sheets.

DJW wrote:

"> From: Tim Bagot []
> How about [href^="#"] ?
 [DJW:]  Which would highlight all of the dead links
 created by certain common web site generation tools
 to keep pages with everything done with onclick seeming
 valid :-(.  (One ore more packges generates href="#" for
 every link.) "

Anyway, I think we are forgetting (I started it), that href is an attribute,
so even though it might be useful in html to have other hrefs it would not
be useful to site wide css styling, because external style sheets apply to
elements not attributes. You would have to have different forms of the
"anchor" element.


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