Re: Tables and Netscape 4.x

Kat Street <> wrote:

> I have applied a style sheet to some existing pages.
> It sets the font size to 0.8em.

Well, to 0.64em in table cells and paragraphs, due to the
nested use of 0.8em. You won't notice it in table cells due to
the common bug in implementation where font sizes do not
inherit into tables (for this reason it is best to avoid
letting any non-default font size get inherited by a table,
when working with relative font size units).

> I've determined that the width setting in the table is
> causing all the text AFTER the table to be a different
> size.

Interesting! N4 was always known to have horrible bugs relating
to tables and fonts, but I'd never seen it pinned down to the
width attribute. How... odd.

> Does anyone know what I can do, if anything, to work around
> it?

Remove the rule on 'td'. (It's probably redundant at least on
this page, since you're also setting the size on h3.)

BTW, for authoring questions like this it's probably best to
try one of the web design mailing lists or Usenet, since this
is more about misimplementation of the spec than the spec
itself. (one eg.:

Andrew Clover
Technical Consultant AG

Received on Monday, 2 July 2001 14:15:21 UTC