Tables and Netscape 4.x

I have applied a style sheet to some existing pages.  It sets the font
size to 0.8em.  I've tested it all over the place and it appeared to be
fine. But now some pages have come to light with weird font sizings (too
large) in Netscape 4.x.  After MUCH messing about, deleting bits, putting
bits back in, and so on, I've determined that the width setting in the
table is causing all the text AFTER the table to be a different
size.  Delete the width setting, and it's fine.

I've never seen this before.  An example page is here:

compare it (in Netscape 4.x) to

(sorry about the horrendously long URL).  The ONLY difference between
these two pages is that the width has been deleted from the table (and the
image is broken, that's just cos I couldn't be bothered to copy it
over).  And note that the missing width isn't affecting the text IN the
table, only the text AFTER the table.

Has anyone seen this before?  Does anyone know what I can do, if anything,
to work around it?  Bearing in mind that editing every page is going to be
a massive pain in the butt (ideally, I'd change the style sheet and
everything would look fine, hah).


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Received on Monday, 2 July 2001 12:47:41 UTC