Re: Using em in CSS

>Anyway, my point is, that em seem to cascade differently to 'absolute'
>measurements. Sometimes an element is sized relative to the base size (ie
>user defined size) and sometimes they are in relation to the size of their
>parent element.
>Is there a pattern to this? Or is it based on the quirkyness of the 

an 'em' in any given element is relative to the font-size of the element's 
parent.  if an element has a font-size of .5em and a child of thet element 
also has a font-size of .5em then the child's font-size will actually be 
.25em of the root font-size.  it's crazy.

i think there needs to be a relative font measurement that is not relative 
to the parent's font-size but to the media's default font-size.

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Received on Monday, 2 July 2001 00:15:43 UTC