Using em in CSS

Okay, I am working on a site where legibility is all important, and the
design is all doen in CSS so I have decided that ems are the way to go.
(Notably bc what looked great on my good monitor was almost too tiny to read 
on my project managers crappy old monitor when I defined the text in px)

Anyway, my point is, that em seem to cascade differently to 'absolute'
measurements. Sometimes an element is sized relative to the base size (ie 
user defined size) and sometimes they are in relation to the size of their 
parent element.

Is there a pattern to this? Or is it based on the quirkyness of the browser? 
Can anyone suggest a URL that explains it? (I'm off to look at the w3c specs 

please send any replies cc'd to my e-mail address as I don't think I have 
been getting many posts.

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Received on Sunday, 1 July 2001 22:09:24 UTC