Re: border size and combining units

all, ...


>Would this proposal do it?
>     A new optional modifier to Width (and Height) properties, "Outside". 
>used, it causes the UA to make the specified length or percentage apply to 
>*outside* of the box rather than to the content. It would do this by 
>the content width to make the outside box dimension be as specified, taking 
>account whatever margins, borders and paddings are in effect.


not quite. (1) i think this proposal -- or even the proposed 'box-sizing' 
[1] property -- will solve many problems, but (2) say i wanted to position a 
box 50px below the vertical center of its containing box (top: 50% + 50px);  
there is at the moment no way to do so.  that's why there needs to be 
considered some way to combine measurements [2] of two different units.

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Received on Sunday, 1 July 2001 23:58:39 UTC