Re: border size and combining units

>From: "Mjumbe Ukweli" <>
>Subject: border size and combining units
>Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 13:49:22 -0400
>is there a reason that borders-widths cannot be percentage values?  it 
>make it that much easier to create fluid GUIs if they could.

And also if the width of the borders were calculated as part of the total 
width of an element. Rather than having a div which is 50% plus borderwidth. 
bc of course if you want 2 columns, you can make them both 50%, but as soon 
as you add even a 1px border then the whole thing becomes too wide for the 
page. but if you say the columns are 49% then they aren't an exact fit (and 
if the page is narrowed so that 1px is more than 1% it is too big again).

Maybe it could be so that you can say whether you want the border to be 
inside or outside the elements box. Or could you do that by making the 
margin -1px when you make the border 1px?
>also (and i believe that this was suggested a while ago, though i can't
>remember when or by whom) there should be some way to add two different
>units together to size an element:
>elm1 {
>    position: absolute;
>    left: 0%;
>    width: 50%;
>    margin: 10px;
>elm2 {
>    position: absolute;
>    left: 50% + 20px;   /* to accomodate elm1 */
>    width: 50% - 20px;

I would really like this to happen and is necessary to make CSS for stretchy 
layouts viable (or so my experimentation suggests)

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