where "favicon" discussion should go? [ Re: src attribute of IFRAME and FRAME]

On Friday 07 December 2001 12:26, Johnny Stenback wrote:
|   Brian Bober wrote:
|   > HTML and DOM stickers:
|   >
|   > Please CC me on any replies.
|   [...]
|   > 2) favicon.ico
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|   > Please say something about favicon - like the favicon.ico method is
|   > against the standard. Mozilla is adding support for it and is also
|   > going
|   This (favicon.ico) is way off topic for both the www-dom or www-html
|   mailing lists, it's not against any standards, how browsers deal with
|   icons has nothing to do with any standard, especiall not any W3C
| standards.

ok, but as discussion thread is continuing already for the 3rd day, we should 
"fix" the list where this thread should go.

Let me give you my opinion on this [favicon].
I think this question is somewhat related to "scrollbars" discussion which 
happened on www-style list some time ago.
It was touching more fundamental question: *How User Interface should be 
defined (scripted, controlled) on user's computer/OS*?
CSS3 has User Interface module, which is in my opinion is quite interesting 
(and promising) but needs enhancement. 
If we, say, agreed, that User Interface semantics should be defined in _XML_, 
and styled later in _CSS_ - than answer is clear, further discussion of 
"favicon" should go to www-style list.

BTW it's pretty much inline with the way Bookmarks are defined in Konqueror 
and Mozilla (using XML - XBEL , IIRC).
Each bookmark has "favicon" stored in browser's cache - on "per page" basis. 
This favicon is displayed (in KDE/Konqueror):
1) in Window Title bar - as Winodw's Menu opener button
2) in Konqueror's Location bar
  --> so typing in some URL you automatically get Favicon of that site and 
can see wether you launched right site or not.
 3) in Kicker (Panel) on bottom/top of the screen - next to 
window's/application name

as you see, one icon is displayd in 3 different places.
So it seems to me as really "presentational" issue, so it should (and can) be 
defined via CSS.
 I guess we need either to extend User Interface module further (to support 
Scrollbars, Titlebars, window's menues, etc.) or add new module to CSS3, 
let's call it Desktop module.
Than you can create some element on Desktop via DOM method (createElement), 
and apply some style to it using scripting and/or CSS.

JS code
  // get list of open browser's windows
 brs = desktop.getElementsByAppName("browser");
 w = brs[0].window;  // window element of first open Browser window
// get TitleBar of that window
 tb = w.getElementById("titleBar");
 mbut = tb.getElementById("menuButton");
 if (mbut.style.visibility="visible")  
      // if menuButton is visible (enabled) on titleBar
      // add Favicon  to it

So you can easily add Aureal icons/notifications in such cases as well.
What's also interesting - there is no need to transfer images (GIF, PNG)  as 
FavIcon - you can define some piece of XML with CSS formatting, or put SVG 
picture inside.
Sound like very cool technology :-)
|   > to try to move people over to the <link rel="icon"> method with
|   > evangelism allowing any image format (including .ico). Favicon creates
|   > unnecessary spam in server logs.
|   Again, off topic.

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