the frameborder attribute

CSS for form control elements and frames

Frames has the 'frameborder' attribute. In CSS 'border' doesn't conform
with it.
Frames has also 'border', which is similar with CSS-border. If 'IFRAME' has
CSS can't change that value.

Opera interprets borders of certain form control elemenst as if frame borders.

I propose to add 'frameborder' property, which could emulate the
frameborder attribute.
Setting frameborder:none could be correspond with frameborder="0". With the
fraborder property could be set DOUBLE border for any element, including
With frameborder + border could emulate also 'inset/outset' in MS and 
bordercolorlight/bordercolordark attributes in MS IE for the element TABLE.
With frameborder + border properties could create equal rendering in all

If both border and frameborder could be set, the frameborder could be the
INNER border.
this could help defining CSS for FRAME, FRAMESET, IFRAME, INPUT, SELECT,
TEXTAREA and ISINDEX elements. BUT this could be used reasonable also with
for example TABLE
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I have made something also with XML and XSL: (XML) (XML)

Received on Friday, 7 December 2001 14:16:34 UTC