Re: multiple stylesheets (XSLT and CSS)

Tim Bagot wrote:
> At 2001-04-15T14:58-0400, fantasai wrote:-
> > 1.) If both an XSLT stylesheet and a CSS stylesheet are applied
> >     to a single document, what happens?
> > 2.) If two XSLT stylesheets are both applied to a single
> >     document, how do they interact?
> I think both questions are answered by
> <>:-
>   Cascading style sheet languages such as CSS allow style information
>   from several sources to be blended together. However, not all style
>   sheet languages support cascading. To define a cascade, authors
>   specify a sequence of LINK and/or STYLE elements. The style
>   information is cascaded in the order the elements appear in the HEAD.
>   Note. This specification does not specify how style sheets from
>   different style languages cascade. Authors should avoid mixing style
>   sheet languages.

No, it only gives an example of a cascade that has been defined and 
recommends not mixing stylesheet languages. It doesn't say you can't 
or shouldn't do this and it doesn't prevent XSLT from defining its own 

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