Re: clarification needed : Computed Style Value of 'font-family'

--- Bjoern Hoehrmann <> wrote:
> * Dylan Schiemann wrote on
> ><body>
> ><div style='width:80%;'>
> ></div>
> ></body>
> >
> >div
> >->getComputedStyle
> >->getPropertyCSSValue('width')
> >->getFloatValue(CSS_PX)
> >
> >will return a value in pixels that is 80% of the
> width
> >of the viewport, right?
> Yes, but assume a user agent style sheet with
> 	:root { width: 400px }
> >So it does depend on the rendering...
> Nope, just on the cascade :-)

Ah, but doesn't the rendering influence the user agent
style sheet value for width?

Somewhat tangentially, is it possible to think of
font-family as a shortcut for the font characteristics
described in [1] ?  If font-family names mapped to
specific values for font characterstics then this
point would be moot because getComputedStyle should
only provide values for lower level attributes, not a
shortcut family name.  There would be no need for
multiple fonts because we could rely on font matching
and mapping.  Then it would be no different than a
named color mapping directly to a hex or rgb value.


-Dylan Schiemann

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Received on Monday, 30 April 2001 17:11:53 UTC