Re: clarification needed : Computed Style Value of 'font-family'

* Dylan Schiemann wrote on
>> >  font-family : Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif
>> >
>> >What is the computed style value for 'font-family'
>> on this element, 
>> >supposing that Helvetica font is not available on
>> the system but Arial is ?
>> >
>> >(a) "Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"
>> >(b) "Arial"
>> >(c) "Arial, sans-serif

>(b) is certainly more useful to a client-side web

Well, the 'window' and 'navigator' etc. objects that
can be accessed via scripting languages seem to be
useful for web developers, too, but they reflect the
implementation, the envoirement, whatever you like, to
provide access to these interfaces is outside the
scope of the DOM. The DOM does not care if there is
something installed on the system, if the user agent
is able to render this or that and so on, the DOM just
reflects the document and all informations actualle are
_in the document_. The computed value of a CSS property
value relies on style declarations for other nodes, not
on anything else.

The DOM works even without something that renders something,
that's a good thing and we shouldn't change that.

>What should getComputedStyle return in ie5.0 (if it
>was supported) for one of the border-style
>declarations that is mapped to solid?  As far as I can
>tell, the computedStyle would be the style declared,
>even though the rendered style is solid.

If the specified value is 'solid', the computed value will
be 'solid', too, since 'solid' is an absolute value.
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