Re: Issue 1: Font-weight and headings


	I personnally agree that the default stylesheet per "Browser plus Version"
permutations be made available and are required so that we all might better
understand what the two manufacturers had in mind.  That way, a developer
may use the default stylesheets to his/her own liking.  One may include them
or not.  The four major default stylesheets could then be used in order to
determine delta sets by the combination of the stylesheets.

1.  Come up with what would be the default stylesheets for each of the
following:  IE4_Defaults.css, Netscape4_Defaults.css, IE5_Defaults.css and
Netscape5_Defaults.css.  It would be important to alphabetize each by tag
and further by attribute.

2.  Arbitratily pick one of the stylesheets to use as the normal stylesheet
associated with HTML4:  IE4_Defaults.css -> HTML4_Defaults.css.

3.  Using comparison software, generate a delta stylesheet for each major
"browser plus version" against the defaults assumed in HTML4_Defaults.css
and publish them.

	At this point, a developer could then bring in HTML4_Defaults.css plus a
conditional server-side include for the flavor required.  In theory, this
would normalize the playing field for the HTML programmer.

<grrr>	By the way, the HTML4.DTD, for example, has the #IMPLIED attribute
liberally strewn about the place for most of the tags yet strangely there's
no indication in the comments of what the W3 had in mind for those defaults
in the first place.  Far be it for me to defend Microsoft but personally,
I'd say that you can't much blame Microsoft and Netscape for guessing their
own default values if they're not published in the DTD in the first

Michael Blankenship

Received on Tuesday, 17 April 2001 07:45:00 UTC