RE: Is there a way...

i don't have time to confirm, but i believe if you use px instead of pt,
you'll be defining the height in pixels, which won't change.

the numbers don't correspond, though.  9pt != 9px.  you'll have to

> I am using a style sheet that sets the font size of my text at
> 9pt. Is there
> a way to keep Netscape from affecting the font size I've set if the user
> trys to increase the browsers font size? I am using ccs. Is there
> a special
> way to code for Netscape? There are certain areas where I don't want the
> font to increase... IE seems to be okay with it.
> Here's a snippet of the style sheet...
> .font_style
> {
> 	font-size: 9pt;
> 	font-weight: bold;
> 	font-family: arial;
> }
> Thank you!

Received on Thursday, 5 April 2001 13:25:01 UTC