Re: Specific/generic font-family name clashes

> The generic names are keywords; thus they *must not* be 
> quoted. And the other font names are strings; they may
> be qwuoted (and should be quoted if they have spaces, etc
> in them).

Indeed; I use the unquoted version, but IE5.01/Win uses the
specific font "Serif" regardless.

As far as I understand it, declaring a "@font-face xyz"
indirection would still leave me the same problem if there
happened to be a font installed called "xyz".

Anyway this doesn't seem to be the problem now; the bloke
assures me he hasn't got a font called "Serif", and he hasn't
changed his default font(s) in IE. I guess I'll go with the
"obscure occasional IE bug" theory for now. Extra CSS joy
all round!

Andrew Clover
Technical Support AG

Received on Monday, 11 September 2000 11:23:26 UTC