Re: Wrapping up the ACSS Module Ideas

You wrote:
> > > but at least all of this discussion
> > > may go towards saving the ACSS module...
> >
> > ACSS is CSS. Levels are not versions.
> But you do agree that the ACSS module is without an author: at least in the
> latest public draft of the CSS3 roadmap. I felt that the future of it wasn't
> too bright when I see that it is "in danger of being dropped altogether".
> What do you mean that "levels aren't versions?" 

It means that HTML 3.2 is obsolete, but most pages are still HTML 3.2 
and are still useful. Similarly the fact that CSS3 might be at a 
particular point current, does not mean that someone cannot write or 
implement CSS2 or CSS1.

> I suppose you mean that what is in CSS1 is in CSS2 and so on.

No, CSS2 is incompatible with CSS1 in many areas (some are listed in 
the changes, many are not). In addition, subsequent versions of CSS do 
not reuse much of the earlier versions' language. [This of course 
increases the number of errors in the specification [perhaps CSS needs 
a bugzilla !].]
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