Re: Ideas for the ACSS module of CSS3

 | What? You gave me the same link as I gave you!

Pardon. m(_)m
I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention.
But you did say that it *wasn't* implementable in XHTML; you
didn't say that there was a subideal implementation and you
wanted an improvement. 

 | I still believe it is a style rather than a structural 
 | concern; then you can use @media aural

Are you sure you're not confusing style with content?
The XHTML document takes care of content as well as structure.

 | Possibly an alternative quicker table of contents, for example, instead of:-
 | [home] [section 1] [section 2] ... [mail us]
 | You could point it to a file containing:-
 | [home] [mail us]
 | My examples are always crud, so I urge you to think of a better one if you
 | see what I am talking about ;-)

I think I see what you're doing. There's two possibilities
here, though:
1. you delete some links
2. you change the links

For 1--as you proposed,

allow-skip: true;

is fine. You don't really need "alternate content" for that.
(I think 'play' is redundant with 'display' and 'allow-skip')
To configure the prompt, maybe you could use

allow-skip: true;
prompt-skip: [string];

where the UA could say something like "Skip [string]?"
And just to make things easy, you could have a shorthand:

skip: true [string];

If you want to hide that section entirely, you put

display: none;

For 2, well, it does /not/ belong in CSS. You're changing 
the content, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with 
the style in which it is presented.

 | Yes, but what about an alt for ASCII art of something? They can't have alt
 | properties...

Then propose something to the HTML WG. That sort of thing is
the domain of the markup language. Anyway, how is the browser
to know whether it's processing ASCII art as opposed to text
unless you /mark/ it as such?

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