Re: I would love...

> At this moment (edge effects is what i want it for
> too) the only choice is to have nested tables, making
> rendering slow

I don't know if it'd do what you're looking for, but I'd really
like to see:

  border-image: url(/i/border.gif)

(With the obvious consequent changes to border, border-left,
border-left-image and so on.)

I'd then like to see attributes like border-top-left, which could
be 'join' for an angled join between the two side borders as it
is at the moment, or a colour or image spec to draw something else
over that corner.

Then I could get rid of those tables used only for borders.
Which would be nice.

Andrew Clover
Technical Support AG

Received on Monday, 16 October 2000 03:17:12 UTC