Re: Ideas for the ACSS module of CSS3

> > >             (Perhaps another value is required on the paged/continuous
> > > media group axis?)
> > Such as what?
> What I am suggesting is that to the to media groups "paged" and
> "continuous" should be added a third, "stream" or something similar. This
> should be used for media currently falling into the "continuous" group
> which resemble aural in that the content is advanced automatically and
> only a small amount is available to the user at any given moment. This
> group might apply to a small braille terminal, or a text ticker, etc. (as
> well as aural itself, of course).'ll have to stress your proposition yourself, but I can see its

> Are there any plans for CSS3 to allow media selection by group? "@media
> paged" is simpler, more meaningful, and more future-proof than "@media
> print, projection, emboss". It would also allow for the many cases where
> the group may vary depending on the implementation. (e.g. media tv and
> handheld can be either paged or continuous.)
I'm not sure. Anyone else know? Håkon/Mr. Bos/Mr. Hickson?

Sorry for the shortness of all of my replies today: more detail tomorrow I
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