Re: Ideas for the ACSS module of CSS3

Dear Mr. Hickson, and all members of www-style,
I decided to draft a formal proposal for what we have been discussing, and
am now refering to it as "Styles For Optional Data - SFOD". The following is
my attempt at a formal recommendation for the said properties and their

CSS Properties for sub-module: Styles For Optional Data
(For @media aural)
CSS Values:
    [ normal | optional | none ]+
Initial value:

(For @media all)
CSS Values:
    [ [ provide-bypass, [ allow-bypass | disregard-bypass ]+ ] | none]+
Initial value:

(For @media all)
CSS Values:
    <uri> | none
Initial value:

Name: play.
Refers to the playing of certain styled document contents in aural User
Agents. Either of 'normal' (play content as normal), 'optional' (playing of
content is optional), or 'none' (do not play content).

Name: skip.
Allows content with this property set to have a distinct style regarding the
bypassing of optional page data, for example grouped navigation links.
Either 'none' (do not provde a bypassing mechanism), or either or both
(comma fallback fashion - see example) of 'provide-bypass' (User Agent
specific: implies provide some means of bypassing the stlyed content to the
next available ement, if the alt property is not set. If alt is set, then
use that instead.), or either of allow-bypass (allow said styled content to
be bypassed, but do not specify a specific means of doing so), or
disregard-bypass (bypassing the styled content is inadvisable).
.navbar { skip: provide-bypass, allow-bypass; }
N.B. The 'play' property must be set to 'optional' for the skip property to
have meaning for aural User Agents.
.navbar { play: optional; skip: provide-bypass, allow-bypass; }

Name: alt.
Provides an alternative content for User Agents to render if they find the
current content unrenderable. Can also be used in conunction with the 'skip'
property to provide a frag ID or URI to skip to when styled content is
bypassed. <uri> (URI for the alternative content), or 'none' (none).

Kindest Regards,
Sean B. Palmer
President and Founder
WAP Tech Info -

Received on Saturday, 14 October 2000 12:30:16 UTC