Re: Ideas for the ACSS module of CSS3

> > That's not quite right; I have actually thought that this was a
> > problem before. The navigation bars on
> > get repeated on each page, and I imagine this is quite annoying. I
> > think it's something like play-once in session; this would require
> > the browser to save ids that had been played. Or the ability to skip
> > the navigation bar; for example, to offer a prompt 'Do you want to
> > hear this damn navigation bar again?'
> That's why you should put the navigation bar:
>    1. in structural markup (not a table)
>    2. at the bottom of the file
> See, for example:

No; see again:
You should be expected to provide naviagation where people can find it, i.e.
at the top. What if you had a table of contents (not an HTML table...)? You
wouldn't put that at the bottom. In fact you can't force people to put
navigation bars anywhere, they're going to pop up anywhere, at the whim of
the author.
Tables are O.K. to provide navigation information, as long as they are
clearly marked up, and can be lineraized.

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