Re: selector negation (was: Re: New version of the Selectors module of CSS3)

* "Jonas Sicking" <> wrote:
| I'd guess that the WG has recogniced the need for class inversion since the
| CSS3 drafts has contained inversion of some of the classes. What I'm asking
| for is to make inversion generic on *all* pseudo classes by saying "any
| pseudoclass can be inverted by putting not- infront of it" rather then
| adding some specific classes that are inverted. That way it could also be
| possible to have the CSS parser handle the inversion and thus making css
| renderers a bit slimmer.

I really don't like a 'not-' prefix as a generic modifier.
What about a suffix pseudo-class?


  "selects element p not containing 'foo'"


  "selects element a with href not starting with ''"

  p:subject > a:not

  "selects element p with no child 'a'"

  h1:subject + p:not

  "selects element h1 with no adjacent sibling p"



I think it makes small sense to say for negating attribute selectors you use
this syntax for negating pseudo-classes use that syntax, for negating type
selectors use again another syntax.

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