Re: Behavior, scripts, CSS (completely off topic, just

You wrote:
> On 4 Oct 2000, Matthew Brealey wrote:
> >> I would expect that a final release of a Mac product would 
> address such
> >> issues, which might not be worth addressing until that point.
> >
> > You are remarkably prescient. I just downloaded the PR3, and it\\\'s
> > 2500 files smaller than current Mozilla (still 500 files though with
> > Live3d, 

Oops. That wasn\'t in there at all, but was from my Netscape 3 install.
The Netscape6 directory is actually 274 files.

> Java etc). However, this sucks because it\\\'s less 
> power to the
> > user; before it was easy to edit the skins, but now 
> they\\\'re locked up
> > in .jars.
> Saying the files are \"locked up\" is a little ignorant, given 
> that there has been ample explanation in the community 
> on the  simple steps required to unpackage the jars and run without 
> them. (Hint: You need an unzipping tool and a text editor.)

That\'s true. But people who aren\'t aware of this (i.e. the majority
of people) won\'t realise, whereas the previous state, raw files
allowed the uninitiated to look around.

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