XSL-FO tutorial now online

I'm happy to announce that I've posted a completely updated version 
of Chapter 15 of the XML Bible, XSL Formatting Objects, at Cafe con 


This is the complete chapter, approximately 70 pages with many full examples
of XSL-FO. Everything should be up-to-date with the March 27, 2000 
Last Call working draft of the XSL-FO specification and FOP 0.14.0. 
To the best of my knowledge, this is the only comprehensive tutorial 
covering the current version of XSL-FO.

Doubtless there are some errors since I was breaking new ground here 
and had to work from an incomplete and sometimes contradictory spec 
document, as well as using unfinished pre-alpha software. Since this 
is more-or-less what's going to go into the second edition of the XML 
Bible, as well as likely being the primary source for many new users 
learning XSL-FO, I'd very much appreciate it if you can inform me of 
any mistakes you spot so I can fix them.

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