Re: Specifying height of Initial Containing Block?

On Wed, 30 Aug 2000 13:11:24 +0100, Matthew Brealey
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>Jan Roland Eriksson wrote:
>> On Sun, 27 Aug 2000 01:03:25 +0100, ValerieGSharp
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>> [...]
>> >If so, how can one specify a height property for it, when according to
>> >HTML4.01 neither 'height' nor 'style' are valid attributes for it?
>> In your linked external stylesheet...
>>   HTML { height: 100%;}

>Actually not; % are only meaningful if they relate to something.

Yes I know that too and my reply came out quite misleading as even I
could see. Sorry about that.

I was actually trying to answer "the other" question that is hiding in
the original line, i.e. how to specify a style rule for an element that
does not have the 'style' attribute as a valid component.
I should have used another example to illustrate it with though.

Jan Roland Eriksson <>

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