Re: CSS 2 Section 8.5.3

Ian Hickson wrote:
> That is not the problem. The problem is that the sentence you quoted
> should simply not be in the spec, and those values should be dependant on
> the 'border-color' property like all the other border styles. Once that is
> done, you can simply give the 'border-color' property the correct value --
> probably ThreeDFace or something equivalent -- and that should be used to
> calculate the border's real colours.
> --
> Ian Hickson

Why does the value for outset and inset (or ridge and groove for that
matter) have to rely on anything? In Windows these colors are
independent of anything. If you require the UA to base the color of
these borders on some color you leave no way to emulate Win32 widgets
other than nested divs.

Jerry Baker

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Received on Wednesday, 30 August 2000 10:32:44 UTC