Re: POSITION: relative-to?

> I don't want to discourage you (on the contrary, please continue asking
> for these features and some day the time may be ripe to get them
> implemented), but this also has been asked before :-)

  I suspect that this is true for many of my issues actually, I take no
offence in seeing that great minds think a like!  :-)

> proposes a method in which you first create a page template, independent
> of the document, and then for each element in the document you specify
> into which part of the template it goes.

  That sounds like an excellent idea all on it's own.  Still I'm not sure
the proposal is really the same thing, and I respectfully submit that my
"solution" may be a simpler way to do the same thing.

  Basically the issue I'm trying to solve is really just a measurement
issue. The issue is to create a new measurement "world" (co-ord system) that
is based on any other part of the document.  As it stands you can do this,
but only with your parent element. This limitation strikes me as somewhat
arbitrary, and moreover, rather limiting in my experience.

  So basically instead of just saying "I'm down and to the right of my
parent by this much", I would like to be able to say "I'm down and to the
right of that element over there but this much".  Now I can move the
"relative" element without needing to change any other layout.

> It is not currently on the schedule for CSS3 (though CSS3 will have
> something that is related: a simple template for printed pages, but that
> won't solve your problem). But keep asking. You may convince enough people
> eventually.

  Where do I go to see the draft for CSS3?

> Btw., maybe you can solve your problem with fixed positioning. It is not
> implemented very well yet, but it is coming.

  I have looked at this too, but I;m not sure it will work (perhaps you can
tell me?).  As I understand it fixed means that the box in question will
stay put regardless of scroll correct?  The problem for me is that my box
needs to scroll.

  I think my problem is much more basic than I've made it out to be. Let me
try again: I would like to be able to use any addressable part of the
document as the basis for my block's "0, 0" position, as opposed to using
only that of my parent element.

> the page (for which you will need Opera4, MacIE5
> or a recent preview of NS6/Mozilla)

  Does the Mac version of IE really do CSS that much better?  I'm using
IE5.5/Win and it seems to be spotty.


Received on Sunday, 27 August 2000 10:12:48 UTC