Specifying height of Initial Containing Block?

I want to create an element with the height and width of the viewport.

If the width of the 'initial containing block' has a value of 'auto',
then it will have the width of the viewport, so I can specify width:100%
for my element.

However, CSS2 section 9.1.2, says:
  "The height of the initial containing block may be specified with the
'height' property for the root element. If this property has the value
'auto', the containing block height will grow to accommodate the
document's content."

So I need to explicitly set the height of the initial containing block
to 100%.

Am I right in thinking that the root element for an HTML document is the
<html> tag?
If so, how can one specify a height property for it, when according to
HTML4.01 neither 'height' nor 'style' are valid attributes for it?

Val Sharp - Edinburgh

Received on Sunday, 27 August 2000 05:20:33 UTC