Re: New pseudoclass, :first-use

Maury Markowitz wrote:

>   Wow, I continue to gasp when I see "Amaya" and "good" in the same
> sentance.

Gasp ????   :-(

The core of Amaya was already an experienced and known technology
when Mosaic was still a dream at NCSA. Amaya implemented stylesheets
(not CSS but *much more* powerful than that) looooonnng time ago. Its
ancestor, Grif, had a SGML parser at a time the P tag in HTML meant
just a blank line between two paragraphs.
Amaya (and Grif) technology was good enough to let me implement a 100%
wysiwyg solution for CALS tables edition (and HTML tables derive from
CALS tables) in ***1993***.

You really don't know what you are talking about.

</Daniel state="pas content du tout">

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Received on Saturday, 26 August 2000 12:55:53 UTC