Re: Inverted text

From: Matthew Brealey <>
Date: Wed, Aug 16, 2000, 6:41 AM

> Yes, all the other pseudo-elements are state-independent so what does
> that prove?

Interesting point, but merely a coincidence.

It doesn't change the fact that it is fairly well accepted in the CSS
community that:

 - a pseudo-class applies to a whole element, and indicates a state change
of that entire element. it always represents a node in the source tree.

 - a pseudo-element potentially applies to only part of an element or
elements. it typically does _not_ represent a node in the source tree.

BTW - I am getting auto-responder email from about
"contact re broken links etc." - did you intend to change the "reply-to"
address on the email you send out?  Or is the auto-responder getting


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> Thank you for contacting the Webmaster.
> Should this be about broken links or any
> problems with the sites please try and
> recall which of the to/from links didn't
> work as there are too many for us to try manually.
> Sometimes they do not work at the time for reasons
> other than incorrect addressing. We are sorry if you
> were inconvenienced anyway !
> Your inquiry has been placed into the
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> please email us again as it may have
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> Thank you again.

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