Color in CSS...

I must begin with a apologise, because i don't know it this is already
been in way of be addressed, because i beliave it will enhance the use
of color in CSS:

Title: Color Paletes in CSS


	Create a way to define color usage throu a master palete that all other
color properties will use.
	Create an interrelation between color and background-color.
	Definition of a "generic" color called "Inverse" or "Negative".


	colorname1 : color;
	colorname2 : color inverse_of colorname1;

BODY { background-color: colorname1; color: inverse }

It's assumed that is one color is defined as inverse_of, the relation is
both ways.

With this one can define a complex CSS style system and keep the colors
in use under control in a simple and easy way. If there is need to
replace the color of a background, that is used in the body, some tables
and some other classes, then there is only needed to change it in one

The addition of generic system colors like pantone and other systems
would also be benefitial. At least would help greatly the designers to
choose the colors correctly comparatibly to other publishing medias.

Thanx in advance 4 your attention,
Luis Ferro

Received on Wednesday, 9 August 2000 09:11:48 UTC