Re: Behavior, scripts, CSS

Tantek Celik wrote:
>expediency is typically immediately cheaper purely in terms of time cost.

Key word being "immediately". Look at the trouble Netscape had when trying to graft CSS onto their 4.x browser. When it became clear that it would be very expensive to fix their browser, they went open-source with to avoid shouldering the cost themselves.
And adding to the cost is that the Mac Mozilla requires OS 8.5 and installs three-thousand-three-hundred (3,300) files. That's a 'zilla alright. MacIE requires only 7.6.1 and a fraction of the files, so the user can get by without spending tons of $$$ on software and hardware upgrades. (How'd you do it?:)

>everyone in this industry likes to forget all too quickly the things that
>were "properly designed" which failed miserably in the marketplace because
>they were too slow, impractical, late to market, etc. etc.
>do i even have to begin listing the dead technologies?
>there's probably a website (shrine?) somewhere dedicated to such things.

My favorite is the Elcaset (any long-time audiophiles here?)


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