IE 3 for the Mac

One of the biggest problems I find with CSS is that
browsers, particularly IE 3 don't support it, and that
style editors I have tried that purport to fix them
for browser X don't do so, and that existing bug pages
(such as the Web Design Group/Eric Meyer's master
grid, Branden McDaniel's PC IE 3 bug page, the CSS
Pointer Group's bug page, et al) inevitably miss some
of the bugs.

In order to try and overcome some of these problems, I
have produced an IE 3 bug page (120 bugs and counting;
see via (a
<frameset> page) or, directly, with a view
to a long term aim of documentating and therefore
avoiding all the CSS bugs (just think, no unreadable
pages, no browser crashes ...). Unfortunately, I can
only get hold IE 3 for the PC.

If anyone out there has Mac IE 3, and would be willing
to test some or all of the PC bugs on the Mac, a reply
would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Matthew Brealey


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Received on Friday, 22 October 1999 10:07:34 UTC