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I don't think I made it clear quite how important
column-span: auto is:

In a CSS environment, the width of the viewport is

However, replaced elements have a known width.


<div style="columns: 4">
<img style="column-span: 2; width: auto">

Where the IMG's intrinsic width is 300 px.

If the viewport < 600px wide, the element WOULD NOT
SPAN CORRECTLY, either (depending on the final details
of the column specification) causing unsightly
overlapping or else causing the columns to be resized,
again highly unsightly.


<div style="columns: 4">
<img style="column-span: auto; width: auto"> <!-- Both
width: auto and column-span: auto are implied, and we
could omit them -->

This would cause the image to span as many columns as
is necessary, and the text would all flow round it
nicely :-).

> (What _will_ happen is that text in the
> next column will
> overwrite the overflowing replaced element.)

How wonderful!


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Received on Thursday, 21 October 1999 13:31:02 UTC