RE: New Working Draft : BECSS

Chris Lilley wrote:

> Steffen Goeldner wrote:
> >
> > We think, it's a very similar approach to BECSS.
> I searched for the terms "CSS" or "selector" in the ECMA-290 document
> and did not find them. The use of CSS selector mechanism is a central
> part of BECSS. It is how script may be bound onto particular elements of
> a document, and in a different presentation, different scripts are bound
> onto different elements of the same document instance without editing
> the document.

I believe the comparison is to the HTC stuff, not the selector mechanisms or the

That is, the comparison was that both HTC and ECMA-290 describe components as
objects with properties, methods, and events, but "wrapped" in Markup.

For that matter, HTC also resembles early prototypes of Microsoft's Windows
Script Components (WSC), but without any of the latter's refinements -- I didn't
see discernable differences between the HTC stuff introduced with IE5 beta 1 and
the incarnation found in BECSS (it's certainly not pretty or elegant at this
stage, IMO).


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