Re: Column proposal in CSS-3 - Need for :column pseudo-class, etc.

Re: Re: Column proposal is CSS-3.
1. The suggestion that P:column(n) {border-left-style:
xxx} is equivalent to my proposed column-rule-draw
property is not quite right. Column-rules are
analagous to the outline property in taking up no
space, but border-left-style impacts on the box model

2. However, there is definitely a need for a :column
pseudo-class (note NOT pseudo-element). Thus the
proposed column-* properties would be kept, but allow,
e.g., :column(1):first-letter {float: left; font-size:

3. The :column pseudo-class MUST, IMHO, be part of the
final CSS-3 syntax, because clearly it would be
ridiculous not to allow designers to change properties
of columns.

For example, you would almost always want your column
text to be smaller than the rest of the document, and
whilst it would obviously be possible to do this via a
declaration on each rule that defines a column, it
seems more in keeping with the CSS spirit to allow a
:column pseudo-class.

4. In conclusion, I think the existing specification
is good, but it could do with the column-rule-draw and
:column and :column(n) pseudo-class.


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Received on Thursday, 14 October 1999 14:43:48 UTC