Administrative request (was: Mail failure)

Each msg I send to www-style generates the following mailer-daemon
answer from one guy who never unsubscribed apparently... Could please
someone at W3C remove the corresponding email address from the
distribution list ?

Thanks a lot...

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Subject:  Re: CSS-Tranformation mechanism and modularizing CSS
Date: 1999-10-04 21:25
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> > I _know_ that STTS can do all this, but STTS is not going to be
> > implemented in the big browsers. CSS3 on the other hand IS, so it's
> > just waiting until the functionality of STTS is incorporated in
> > CSS3.
> So why not just push for STTS to a CSS3 module?

From my STTS author's perspective, for at least one reason : STTS is
not cascading. All rules and all declarations are applied, first read
first applied. A cascading transformation language using the CSS
general syntax would generate a completely different solution, and
IMHO dramatically complexify the whole thing.

STTS does not need at all to be a CSS3 module. It will refer to some
CSS3 parts/modules (selectors, syntax, error handling) and will adopt
any profiling system CSS could propose in the future. I think it is
enough to make a coherent system, companion of CSS, w/o co-evolution

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