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>I would add that fonts with large ex-heights relative to em
>(aspects) tend to require more leading than otherwise...
>...of course, this is more art than science, so too much
>talk of algorithms is likely to offend some practitioners
>as vain.

Well, not "offend" perhaps, but still I think it will be really
difficult to find algorithms that would cover for "good art work".

My (now late) mentor used to tell me to try my best to find a good
"balance between black and white", combined with a "good path for the
eye to follow" in whatever typesetting work I was assigned (lead at that
time :).

That coincides very good with the remark that "large x-heights" needs
more leading, to adjust the black/white balance, but just that balance
it self seems to me to be a difficult thing to build an algorithm on

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