RE: New Working Draft : BECSS

Jan Roland Eriksson [] wrote:
>JSSS was an attempt to create a style sheet language that happened to
>fall off "on the other side of the razor blade edge". The fact that the
>specific proposal as such did not make an A+ at school does not take
>away the principle behind it. It was still a base for a possible client
>side DSSSL-light.
>It used client side _executable_code_ to manipulate a DOM (which at that
>time was not defined into any detail either)

No, actually, it used client-side executable (Javascript) code to manipulate
a PARSER object model.  It was a dead model, in the sense that manipulating
the tags[] collection half-way through the document would not affect styles
on previous content.  That was my major objection to JSSS/JASS.

>But why don't you go all the
>way to create a DSSSL-light proposal? I'm pretty sure that all those
>DHTML'ers out there would love you for it.

Because DSSSL and DSSSL-Lite (and XSL, for that matter) are stylesheet
languages that extend in different directions; BECSS is about adding dynamic
behavior to CSS, not adding more powerful decision-making to the stylesheet
application process.  If you really want to do that, it's easy enough to do
in DOM level 2 with the stylesheet and CSS object models.

-Chris Wilson

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