Re: New Working Draft : BECSS

Ian Hickson wrote:

> > I'm happy for these to live in the same file as long as they're not
> > labelled "text/css". We could find a new Content-type for the mix of
> > declarative CSS and imperative whatever.
> Ok, fine, let's register a new MIME type "application/css" and be done
> with it. I don't mind what its called, so long as it can do what I
> want! :-)

Yep. Leaving text/css on the side of the road and using something else
will make no difference at all for 99% of document providers if doing
that simplifies the management of their web server.

The only problem I see is that a mime-type resgistering process takes
little time... So that's why I prefer adding becss to text/css.


Received on Friday, 5 November 1999 13:25:20 UTC